Posted in Deep Sea

I Wish I Could Fear Not

The Bible tells us that we should fear not because God is with us. I wish so bad that it was an easy thing to accomplish. I struggle with it everyday because I’m a person that’s not fond of change or not knowing what’s going to happen. 

Lately though I’ve been feeling my relationship of one and a half years changing and to be honest it scares me to death. He’s become less clingy and more content doing what he wants to do. We are both clingy people and warned each other of that from the start.

I’m afraid of what’s going to happen. Part of me doesn’t want to go on living if this is the end. But I know that no matter what God still loves me and wants me to be happy and healthy. Part of me wants this to all be a figment of my crazy imagination. 

I’m trying to fear not,  God is always with me. But I can’t help but struggle but with God’s help I’ll always survive,  always recover and eventually flourish again,  as always. 


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