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Words on a Page

I’ve always used writing as a way to unleash my feelings. There are times when I can only understand my thoughts when I see them in black and white. I regret not having written more often. I feel I need to make it a point to write more in this journal of mine, to really open up and maybe find those that relate to my way of thinking. To you they might just seem like words on a page but to me they are my very life.

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She’s that awkward girl in the corner, the one that doesn’t get noticed, who doesn’t really fit in. You wouldn’t know how much fear and doubt comes with every sentence she manages to speak. You couldn’t appreciate the courage she mustered up to simply just say hi. But you walk past her, not saying a word, or maybe just giving her a look of despise. She questions every move she makes so that she doesn’t impose on those around her. As if her mere presence was a headache to those around her.

She sits at home with a burdened heart questioning what she did wrong. She tries so hard to open up but keeps telling herself that no one cares. Who would want to find out more about her? After all, she’s just that awkward girl in the corner, the one not saying anything at all.